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How many days it will take to get Level One Batch after achieve all required information?


Hi friends,

I would like to know one thing about my account.

Actually, I have started my account 6 months back and till date, I have successfully completed more than 70 projects and already got 57 reviews.

And from last 2 days, I have able got all the achievements to be a Level one Seller. All of my score pass 90% and sales cross $2000 but did not get the batch on my profile yet.

So I would like to know if there any more days need to wait after getting all the requirements to be a Level one seller.

Please give your opinion as I’m very excited to be a Level Seller.



I believe that changes to levels, both positive and negative, happen on the same evaluation day each month, around about the 15th. So you should only have to wait another week or so (maintaining all criteria of course) before you’re promoted. Congrats!