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How many days need fiverr tos become normal

Recently I got my 1st Warning. So My Question was after how many days. it will become Normal.


Warnings will remain on your account to be seen by Fiverr staff forever.

Check this out:

Make sure to carefully read and abide by the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so you do not receive any further warnings.


That’s never going to happen. Fiverr might even suspend/ban your account the next time you receive a ToS warning.


This is sort of alike asking how often/how many times you can get away with breaking the rules.

With that attitude, the next time it won’t be a warning, it will be an email telling you that your account was disabled.


If you got warning from Fiverr. Then your rating will be down or you do not get new position in next 60 days.

Your account will normal in 60 days after warning Be careful to the next warning if you get 3 warning during 60 days your account will be removed from Fiverr Team.

If you got one warning then you get your order regularly without any problem.

3 warnings (or less, depending on the offence) will get the account banned no matter the time period. 60 days is for level evaluation, but warnings stay on the account forever.


Well that’s bad news. I was under the impression they go away after a year or few months. Not that I plan on violating any policies but you can never be too sure which I learned rather recently.


hello i have missed the attachment in the delivery by mistake, i got warning from fiverr, any solution?

Yes, double check before hitting the delivery button next time.

You need to wait for the warning to not appear on your dashboard anymore. But it will stay on your permanent record.

2 more and you are out.

my client want to talk to support that i have uploaded the files to dashboard and we agreed that it wasn’t needed here, will this make my appeal work to remove the warnng?

Thanks. Are you sure about this ?