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How many days take the payment CLEARANCE if the client fail to make it?

hello there .

i am Mosharaf Hossain from Bangladesh , some day ago i have sell 14 gigs , but my some client fail to make the payment CLEARANCE ! now it’s like 10 days i saw the status panding CLEARANCE in $24

now my question is , how much day take this to complete CLEARANCE ??

if the client not make the CLEARANCE than i found my $$ ???

Please give me a quick answ


It takes 14 to 17 days.

14 from when the buyer marks the order as complete.

Or 17 if the buyer does not, the payment will then clear 3 days later than if they had marked it as complete.

The clearance dates are actually on your revenues page.

hello alysmcdonough .

thanks for the quick replay ,.

please check the attached screenshot now i see the CLEARANCE over the month !!!

but it’s still on status panding CLEARANCE ??

In this screen, at the top with the big numbers, click on the words “Pending Clearance”. Then you see the same amount, but with little bars that fill up as the money clears, as well as a clearance date.

Reply to @laughingcrow: That’s an excellent point, otherwise that page is admittedly quite confusing. I only figured that one out a few days ago. It is great how it shows the date of processing and that you can filter them.

Reply to @alysmcdonough: Also be careful that clearance date is based on USA time; so, living you in a country with a different timezone, you are probably going to have your money on your account the day after…

It happens to me (I live in Italy) so I’m sure it’s going to happen to you too!

Reply to @mark74: Yeah, I have to keep all that in mind plus American spellings as well when transcribing :wink:

Reply to @alysmcdonough: ~lol~ Yes, we kicked “u” out after the American Revolution, didn’t we? If effects how we COLOR our THEATERS and NEIGHBORHOODS~ :wink:

(OK, that would’ve worked if you’d been BRITISH! And now I can’t think of a funny one for the land down under…rats!)


Reply to @celticmoon: haha it’s the z’s in things also. And then I have to do it the Australian way for aussie transcripts and spell check tells me I’m wrong. :wink:

Reply to @alysmcdonough: Must drive you CRASY!…CRAZY! ~lol~