How many days to request revision?


I have just received an order but will not have time to look at it until four days from now or so.
How many days after a gig has been delivered do I have to request revision?



You should be able to request for your revisions right away. I think there is something fishy there. If you don’t mind, can you attach a screenshot of what you see.


Not sure you understood my question. I could request it right now, but I will not have time to actually check the delivered work until 4 days from now. I am too busy with other things till then.


If you don’t accept or request for revision after 3 days of delivery, the order will automatically complete. So I guess you can only talk to your seller and maybe have an agreement with him. I believe he will understand.


same question, I am not sure since I served Unlimited Revisions for all of my buyers and I don’t know how to count it, will it be a day, three days or forever :roll_eyes:


you have three days to ask for modifications, after that the order will be marked as completed automatically.


The order will be marked as complete automatically in 3 days. All you can do is to contact your seller and explain the situation. He/She must understand. I revise my works after weeks of delivery on my buyer’s request.