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How many different phones can we have the app on?

Does anyone have the app on more than one phone or device? Just wondering if that works and is allowed.

Yep, I have an app on at least 4 devices + opening it with a browser from laptops


I have had Fiverr open on my phone, iPad and laptop all at the same time.

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So just so I understand, you have it open on an ipad on the app, open on the phone on the app, and open on the laptop in your regular browser?

I have two different phones and phone numbers and may get a third and wanted to make sure I can have it on 3 different phones.

So far I just have it on one phone.

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Yes, that is correct. I have had it open on my phone and on the computer in the classroom where I am subbing also.

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I have it open on my desktop, and phone at the same time.