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How many earn in September

Dear all fiverr user… how many earn in September?

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I think the answer is 4

I have completed 46 orders in this month, and in earning, 300$+

I’m sorry, but I just can’t help it:


Increase your activity on fiverr

September is not good for me , last month was good.

1st two weeks of month was good but nothing after AVG. Response time is less than 1 hour

How many what? You seem to have forgotten a subject in your sentence.

Or are you asking how many people have earned something – anything – in September?


I thought he was asking how many people are still earning :smiley: or how people are still earning in September?

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I imagine that answer would be in the thousands. :wink:

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Yes, Very important to know how many STILL earning. LOL !!

Why does it matter? How will that knowledge make YOU a better seller?

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Sarcasm ! (20 characters)

Jokes apart, it has been below average sales.

Dear all fiverr user… how many earn in September?:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Some numbers I saw when logged out, from the front page:

3 million entrepreneurs, over 950 sales an hour (so over 22,000 a day, over 684,000 a month).

I don’t know if that 3 million number = number of sellers with active gigs, or simply the number of accounts signed up (i.e. it could include buyer accounts?). If the three million number means sellers with live gigs, my conclusion is that most sellers get no sales most months.

How many earn what? What is the subject of your request?

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