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How many gig can I create on Fiverr

I’m investing my time and money on Fiverr and hopefully this will become a job for me, but the longer I stay with Fiverr, the more gig will be created. I already have 16 gigs with active status but on the top of the page it says "Active: 13 ", so how many gigs are really active here? Please help people!!

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You have 16 gigs, that mission control screen has a bug on it, that doesn’t show the correct amount but there all active. You can have upto 20 gigs.

The question to really ask yourself is how many gigs do you actually need?

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Thanks guys!!!

Reply to @vedmak: That is true in a way but I personally believe that it helps in a way that buyers have other choices if they didn’t want to order a particular gig and they see that there are so many other gigs that you are offering. They might just visit and order those other gigs instead.

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I think it better if we use maximum of gig slot we can used.

Before I start in fiverr, I have google alot about fiverr and one of the most important ways to gets order is to get more exposure (maximum gig slot) :wink:


Reply to @vedmak: Yes I agree with you. That’s some nice research you did there. Well, it’s obvious that we should give our best when creating any gigs. So, just make sure we are creating gigs not for the sake of creating more gigs, but rather give our everything into creating the best gig. Make every single gig the best 1. For me, I like to give buyers a variety of different gigs, so even if they see my not-so-good gigs, there is a chance that it is what they were finding for. Anyways, let’s just give our everything into making the best gigs. Cheers mate!

I have two gigs on fiverr but one of them will not show any thoughts why guys.Thanks

I am new In Fiverr. I can only make 7 Gig. have any way to increase. I want to know how many gig can I make fast Time.
Please answer my question.

I see you ,madmanmarketer doesn’t have any Gigs to display. Can you Give me your screen short. Have you shown any error massage

The amount of gigs will depend on your level. You can read more about it by clicking on --Levels