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How many gig clicks are needed to get orders

I am getting around 2-5 clicks per day. Is it normal ? Also when I type website template my gig stays on the first page. But still no order.
Is it my gig or there is any other problem ?
Please let me know :sob:
here is my gig


Your gig might have some issue based on how it explains about the gig. Also, I think at the start it’s hard to get orders when you have no reviews and the price is high however believe in yourself and use the buyer request you might get some orders.


Can you please let me know those issues briefly? I will be more then pleased

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Your prices are 5 times what they should be for a new seller with one review. And you have almost no description.


@misscrystal has explained what I actually mean to say :slight_smile: Work on those two things if you are not getting any output for a longer period

Here is what you are offering for the base price of $350:

Files you will get:
A psd or xd(Always recommended for developer friendly design) file.

It’s a lot of money for one psd or xd file.

Also when you say you will design a website, some people don’t understand it’s not a website you are offering.

Even if its 1 page full design no one will buy because how can one spend lot of money directly with a person who is new.


I thought they worth it. Anyway how about $80 for 1st page with 5-6 sections ?

Thats a good point. Thank you

I don’t think anyone will pay more than $25 if that but you can try whatever you choose. You need a much longer better description.

People can get a whole website for $50 or less from new sellers.

You also should explain you are not selling a website, only a design for one.

Looking at the one example you have, that’s not a custom designed site, it’s a basic free wordpress theme.


I too believe my hard work and my work is worth more than what my current prices are. However, when I increased price as Level Two seller I found it difficult to get clients so I try to experiment with my price accordingly so that I do get orders and I am not selling it for low price.

In short, you need to find an average price that will satisfy you and also get you some orders.

Perfect! I provide 1 page for 50$ and to be honest when I try to increase I get very less orders and being level 2 seller for year still it seems like people don’t find me worth more price so we need to improve as no one is perfect and sucess comes after lot of hardwork.

Has editing the price several times any impact on your ranking ?

I guess not only by changing title, tags the gig might get removed from the specific keyword that you were ranking before.

Right now the main problem is not with your ranking. You could be the very first gig they see and you wouldn’t make a sale.

(People can get a whole website for $50 or less from new sellers.)
How many pages should be there for $50 dollar website. How many sections per page (in general)? Thanks in advance

That depends on how good you are, how experienced, what your examples are like, what your professional references are, etc.

You need reviews. You have a lot of competition and some of it is really good. So you tell me. Is what you offer worth even $20 to someone? Or is is worth $100? $500?

If you are new and selling websites they should be well under $70 base price.

All this is just my own opinion but I’ve been looking at website gigs here for many years.

I’m someone who spent five years only having $5 and $10 gigs. You have to be willing to spend some time offering very inexpensive gigs at first.

You really can’t show a wordpress template as an example of your work with a $350 price to design that and think if you only could get on the first page of the rankings you will make sales. It doesn’t work that way.


I got your point. I know those examples sites are not that good. I have designed much more better websites. But I didn’t researched that much before creating gig. I wanted to replace those template with better but the nightmare about the impact on the ranking stopped me from doing that.But now that I know I will definitely make some changes. BTW I don’t know if any of the design is looking alike to a free wordpress template.

It looked like rows and columns with a big picture at the top.

Yours had smaller rows and columns and the text under each thumbnail was divided into two sections.