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How many gig i can create for different catagory?

Hi, Currently i am on my researching stage on fiverr.

I want get clear some basic things as a new seller. Which is

How many gig I can create for different different category

  • Thumbnail design
  • Video editing
  • And social media video ads creation (shopify and dropshiping)

i know I can create 7 gigs as a new seller, But how many of them for each category max?

asking to expertise on fiverr.
Thank you


Good question, I am also new seller but I don’t know , I want to know this…


There is no max for category. There is just max for Seller Level.


Like can I up

  • 3 Gig for video editing
  • 3 gig for Thumbnail design
  • And 1 gig for channel art

is it a safe practice? cause I know Fiverr does not allow multiple gigs with the same service
Thank you @blavaro


That’s correct, same-service is not permitted. As long as the gigs are different services, they can be in the same category. Silly example: quilt making from denim, t-shirts, and jellyrolls, are all quilt-making, but very different services because they’re dealing with different fabric types and techniques and the materials require different preparation and handling.


Thank you .

For example. can i up 3 gig

1 for Youtube video editing
2nd for Travel video editing
3rd for realstate video editing

same as thumbnail desing

1 for youtube thumbnail design
2nd one for gaming thumbnail design
Is that safe?

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In my experience I think it’s better to be in one category when you starting as seller.
I know you have multiple skills. Just focus on one category, it’s easy to learn and get a idea about gigs, other sellers how fiverr works, it’s also help you to be an professional.

Just check out top rated sellers, many of them become top rated in one sub category only. So buyers will know you are the expert.
Its ok to use multiple category but remember buyers looking for sellers who’s best for their task. So they like experts.

This is how I feel about fiverr, it might be different from each others. Wish you get your first order soon. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Inzent :smiley:

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By the way @inzent how many gigs i can up for one particular catagory (video editing)?



If you are a new seller, you can add 7 gigs.

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you should need to choose one category, it’s better to grow as a new seller you can give 7 gigs, and better to choose you will publish sub category all gig

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As has been said here often, you have to be different.

That also means your Gigs.

Just don’t expect a flood of new business right away as you have a ton of competition in those categories.

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