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How many Gig published I should?

How many gigs I should open? And why people say you should open 7 gigs?


I currently have 9 Gigs.

You have to remember to make each of them different.

You can’t have (for example) more than one Gig on painting. But you can have one for oil painting and one for watercolour painting…if you get what I mean here.

Just be sure that the Gigs you create are for things you really have the skills to do.


If you are a new seller then 7 gigs , for level 1 sellers 10 gigs and for level 2 sellers 20 gigs. Thanks


I understood. Thanks.

Hi rhshakib, How many gigs you can open will depend on your seller level. But if you want to know how many gigs would be good to open, there is no definite answer.
However, It is wise to make a little difference or category without the same gig.
Wish you good luck on FIVERR. :v:
Thank you. :heart:

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If you are a new seller on fiverr then my opinion is make all 7 gig under 1 week. Must need proper gig all of them.

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Thanks for your great suggestion.

My dear ,
New seller 7 ,
Level one 10 ,
Level two 20 Gigs

New seller can open 7 gigs.
Level 1 seller can open 10gigs.
Level 2 seller can open 20gigs.
Hope you understand.

thank you

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7 gig for new seller
10 for level 1 seller
20 for level 2 seller