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How many GIG required for top rated seller?

Hello, friends we need your expert help. can you help me?

We try to review the fiverr top rated seller system. but we can’t understand clearly. we read the blog, fiverr policy and article but we can’t found the quantity of gig required for top rated seller.

if anybody suggestion knowledge about this task please share with us.


You can read more about this here —>Levels

Fiverr editors choose TRS and there is no specific number or reviews needed. You can find TRS with only 120 reviews but know there are also many sellers with 500+ reviews and they are still a level 2. You can also check out one of the podcasts in which a Fiverr editor explains how TRS are chosen.

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Thanks for the guide.

just asking because i am just 1 year on FIVERR and i got over 700 Reviews, i am really interested in this topic.


You can find all the podcast episodes here.

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