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How many gigs are good at beginning?

Hi, I am a new seller on the web development field and my first gig is live. Should I have to make more gigs at the beginning or only one is good for the beginning phase?


@anoop0567 if you have any more skill you create GIG many skill is better for one skill


yes you have to make more the 2 to 3 gigs that would be better for your business

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You can not create more than 7 gig as a new seller. But how many gig you want to create it your’s choice.


I can make two or three more gigs on other skills but I read that making too many gigs will confuse buyers to choose a gig, how much is it true on your experience?

Okay, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: ! give a look at my first gig and give your feedback.

My First Gig:

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