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How many gigs can a seller have?

Hi guys,

So I have 7 gigs and I was trying to make another one when it said I had reached the maximum. Is 7 the most anyone can have? Or is it only my max because I’m not level 1 or haven’t sold many orders? Thanks!!

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Hello ma’am,

Fiverr Terms of Service were recently updated:

Sellers are allowed to post a select amount of active Gigs based on their Level status.

7 Gigs for sellers without a Level status.

15 Gigs for Level 1 sellers.

20 Gigs for Level 2 sellers.

30 Gigs for Top Rated sellers.

Hope this helps and good luck with your sales.


it’s depend on which Level seller you are!!!

Reply to @kjblynx: lost connection when I posted the first post and didn’t realize it had gone line…

but thanks!!

Reply to @zarafal: awesome!! Thanks, I hope to level up soon :slight_smile:

Reply to @logo_desing: Thank you :slight_smile:

@zarafal thanks a lot, I am at level one ,I can open 15 gigs :smiley:

This is a very old thread - as a L1 seller, you can have10 gigs. :slightly_smiling_face:

New sellers can only create 7 gigs. That’s why you can’t create more than 7.

You Can Selling 1st Time 7gigs. You Get to Create More Gig When You Upgraded Level in Your Selling Account.