How many Gigs can I create?


How many gigs can I create as a new seller, any help?


You can create seven gigs. :slight_smile:

Please make sure that they are all unique gigs (which means you cannot create more than 1 gig offering the same service). Otherwise, it is considered to be in violation of ToS.

If you would like some help with creating your gigs, you can check this:

For Fiverr’s ToS, you can click here


If you are new on fiver, then you can create 7 gig on your account.


You can create 7 gig . as a new seller


thanks …your comments are good,it will help me. and now i know very well about gigs. :hugs:


Read the fiverr home pages and the fiverr rules and conditions of service
Promote your gig every day on social networking sites
Do it all the time
Send the buyer requests (10)
Stay in Internet for long periods of time with your accounts
Try to find the market for your marketing