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How many gigs can i make? I am level 1 seller


Can anyone suggest me how many gigs can i made now? I am level 1 seller.
How many gigs can increase the value of orders?


You can have 10 gigs as a level 1 seller. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just as @offlinehelpers as said, you can create 10gigs


If i made all 10 gigs it have chance to increase orders rate? or they are just for formality :slight_smile:


Sorry - no idea what that means.

You can have 10 gigs - whether you get more orders or not depends on what you’re selling, how popular your gigs are etc.


Sure. Thankyou Thanks for replying and yur time :slight_smile: thanks alot


sure thank youu dear


You are more than welcome


10 gigs.
More gig means more opportunities. You can show your different skill by using gig.


You can make 10 gigs.
Good luck.:blush:


Thank you to all of you.


you can make 10 gigs.
Good luck:slight_smile:



You are now able to create 10 gigs!!! best of luck!!