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How many gigs can you create?

I am a level 1 and I have twelve active gigs (at the moment). I can even start a thirteen gig, if I want to… Is this a bug, or has something change recently?




  • Sellers are allowed to post a select amount of active Gigs based on their Level status.
    • 7 Gigs for Sellers without a Level status.
    • 10 Gigs for Level 1 Sellers.
    • 20 Gigs for Level 2 Sellers.
    • 30 Gigs for Top Rated Sellers.

Unless you are bugged or fiverr staff can manually “pause” your extra gigs.


I was given one extra gig (total 11), for creating a gig in a new category.

I was surprised when I can create the 12th… and am a little worried when the system allows me to click on “create a gig” button for the 13th.

Yes it’s a bug. Other people have it too, eg. one person has 31 active gigs despite what the level help says. Though they seem to enforce the limit more for level 0 sellers. You could report the bug if you wanted.

I thought it was only supposed to allow you to have more than the active limit shown in the help when you get demoted where it would allow you a few days to pause any over the max before it did it automatically if you were still over the max for the lower level.



Let me start with a couple of new GIGs if that is true… :smiley:

Thank you!!


31 gig is possible for TRS. I was notified of having an additional gig, for having my gig in their newly created category.

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Though they should make that clear publicly in the level help or somewhere instead of saying “Benefits 30 Active Gigs” as they currently do for TRS, if they do sometimes allow 31 active gigs for TRS. It makes their current level help seem inaccurate if the limits they currently display aren’t always the case. The same for the help for the other levels.

I was given 1 additional gig, because the new category was “experimental”. Probably the same for his case?

But surely they should add a note of that in the help. That’s way it’s fair for everyone and public.
eg. Level Help: "TRS: Benefits: 30 active gigs (in some cases you may be allowed 31 active gigs, depending on the category).

Not “depending on category” but on new category (not much sellers there) which are deemed riskier?

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Okay so as long as they put it in the help or some other public page that should be fairer for everyone I think.

I agree with you. I am now worrying I’m violating something… even though I was allowed to do it. I thought it will cap at 11.

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