How many gigs can you see in my profile?


I wanna make sure if my gigs are visible.


I see 4. You should have 5. :wink:


I worked really hard last time and put so much effort to make 5 very unique gigs but fiverr denied them. I think that happened because I put game names in description. Now I’m being cautious and trying to make the same gigs with extra care.


Oh looks like I found something very useful info. That’s not the reason they are removed. I added names in title. Now I’ll do it again.


Pretty sure I saw gigs with game names in the titles and description, but I guess you can never know. Ask CS why specifically they were denied? There are things obviously that would violate game publishers’ TOS, like writing paid reviews or sell or trade accounts and things like that, but I don´t think it´s disallowed to play with someone.

edit: okay, forget that, you posted faster. Good the names weren´t the reason, most people will search for the name of the game, I guess. :slight_smile:


I think I should contact CS. Adding game names in title is important.