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How many gigs I can create after completed of 10 reviews in my profile?

Hi friends,

I have some questions about gig creation. Actually, I have already created 7 gigs in my profile in different category and want to create more to cover all my skills, but when I want to create another gig after 7th, I unable to do it.

When I have done some research regarding the same, I found that I can only creat maximum of 7 gigs for my profile because I don’t have more than 10 reviews.

So now I have a question, Suppose I will able to get more than 10 reviews in near future, then how many gigs I can create for my profile?

Is there any limit or I can create unlimited gigs?

Please suggest.
Check out my profile:


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Hi Deepak!

It’s not the number of reviews which dictates how many gigs you can have, it’s your level.

Get promoted to level 1 and you can have 10 gigs and so on.

This’ll tell you more:


Thanks for sharing this valuable link.

Actually I got all the answer of my every question on that link you have shared with me.

Thanks for the great support. Hope it will continue for future.



offlinehelpers IS CORRECT EVERYTHING IS THERE YOU WANT @deepakdipu