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How many gigs I create?

How many gigs i have to make in starting I make only one gig and i got good impression views on it.


Yes but it must look presentable. If the picture is not good enough, fiverr will reject it immediately. On my profile, i’m the only one there though. At the same time, you can use your company/business logo

Why don’t you actually read TOS? If you want to know how many gigs, read TOS. I feel like everyone here has never read them nowadays. TOS governs you - so it might be useful to know it.

No Level = Up to 7 Gigs
Level One= Up to 10 Gigs
Level Two= Up to 20 Gigs
Top Rated Seller = Up to 30 Gigs


7 gig for New Sellers. …

this is a valuable information for newbies…

It’s all in TOS - honestly you ought to read it. I’m tired of telling people how important it is.

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thank you @jake_hopkins :smiley: