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How many Gigs I have to make on fiver


I have make three Gigs which are related to Profession.
As you know that I am new here at fiverr my first question is that how many Gigs I have to make in this plate form and what improvement should I done in previous Gigs if any.?

For that Kindly review my previously Made up Gigs and pass your valuable suggestions.




just keep going with three gigs, when you are professional here then you can make as many as you can.
best wishes.


Is there any restriction to not make more then 5 Gigs.?


No there is no restriction, but I advise you to check fiverr’s help center and get some knowledge from there, you will get your all questions answer.
click on your profile, press help button and take knowledge.


If you are not level 1 yet you can make up to 7 gigs.


as you are begnier on fiverr so you can make seven gigs.and this is you can make seven gigs about one field or seven different fields this depends upon you


All valuable details here :sunny:


You Can Make Seven Gig as a new seller. Promote your gigs in social media(facebook. etc)
Use quality photos for the gig images.


Hello haider,
If you new in fiverr you can make 7 Gig . Please read this I hope this help you


create 7 gigs ! learn more skills and improve your gigs more and more . Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi haider, yes there is some restrictions, You can add upto 7 gigs until you reach level 1, after you reached level 1 you can add upto 10 gigs, finally if you reached level 2 you can add upto 20 gigs and that is the maximum.

Keep all of your gigs in the same niche, don’t mix it up with different services.
For example: if you are a graphic designer, you can add logo designing, poster or flyer designing, banner designing etc. Don’t mix it up with video creation or programming or content writing, something like that.

And here are some tips for you

Keep post your gig ads on facebook business groups, Twitter, goolge plus pages etc…
Place a quality gig image for all of your gigs
Create an eye catching video for your gigs
Write unique descriptions for your gigs
Perfect tags for your gigs
Always deliver your service asap
Always Over deliver, it will helps you to get returning buyers everytime
Be polite with your clients
Keep your rating at least 98%
If you follow these steps for almost 1 years, just forget about it, you will get non stop orders


Thanks dear for nice information definitely it will support me to grow well.

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Thanks dear for such information


Definitely it helps me thanks for that.


Already someone have sent me same link.
any way thanks for that.


But someone told me that you can make all the Gigs ln similar category.
So which one is right I don’t know…


Thanks dear for such information


Ok dear I am checking help center of fiverr accordingly.
Thanks for that


in short, as much as your fiverr level allowes.


That’s great,