How many gigs in your "priority" queue right now?


I got just 9 right now… I finished a lot today :slight_smile: How about you ?


Thats great madmoo. Its always awesome to be on time. Some of my gigs are not really up to me as they require approval by 3rd party directories - in those cases, the backlog gets to me… grrr…


7 now :slight_smile: waiting for more .




Your fun social media video dude


None :frowning:

Someone messaged me saying they were going to make a gig if I affiliate them on my website… I did so, and no gig yet, so who knows.


Eight. Just delivered one a few hours earlier and I’m aiming to finish another two before the day ends :slight_smile:


None, just got everything out the door.


Reply to @caiterz: Thats not fair… grrrr! If someone promises something, they darn well keep their word!


I have only one but I have 15 orders on that gig


I think I have 9, but three are to be delivered tonight


I’m irritated as I have 5 gigs in my queue, and 4 of them lack the necessary info for delivery :confused:


7 Now


had 1 now 0 :frowning:


Zero lol


2 i need more orders… :slight_smile:


Ahh now I have one :smiley:


back to 0


Usually about two on average in there at all times.


2 now :slight_smile:


I just knocked out 10 so there are 6 in queue right now.