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How many gigs it's better to share as a new seller


I found Fiverr 3 days ago and i published 2 gigs . Is that right or i should only post 1 gig and wait some time for sharing the other
-if you are interested tell me your opinion about my gigs:


The gigs look good. You could create some more of them for more chance of orders.

In the " I will design your logo and business card" gig, it might not be a good idea to show some of the personal info in the gig image (eg. it could be removed/blurred out). It might also be against the terms of service to provide off-site contact details.


I totally agree with this. You have some information displayed in a gig image that includes an email address, physical address, phone number, etc. That info either needs to be clearly fake (address like 123 Big Street) or just blurred out. If you get caught displaying information that looks real, you might get your gig denied or your account banned even if the information isn’t real.


I just found out about this. So if the buyer includes a home address, e-mail, or etc (for example a business card or brochure), the seller might not display it in a live portfolio? I asked because I was working on a sticker that used the address in it. :tada:


thank you sooooo much for your advice i will do that wish you best of luck :slight_smile:


I’m really really thankful for helping me i will do that wish you best of luck in your life :slight_smile:


thank you alot for helping me i will do that wish you all the best of luck