How many gigs should be there? how many gonna help in getting an order



Your link just goes to the Fiverr main page so you need to fix this and check that it is working.


I don’t think the number of gigs you offer matters a whole lot considering there are several TRS and level 2 sellers on Fiverr with ONLY one gig.

But, sure, it can help you get more exposure and offers as you establish yourself on here. What matters more, however, is the quality of each of your gigs. Make sure you devote time to make each and every gig of yours impressive and offer amazing service.


okay thankyou so much


can you check my gigs ,and advice me more .


okay please see now.


They are nice… Just make sure to re-read your gig descriptions as there are a few grammatical errors here and there…

Also, I’d recommend that you do not offer unlimited revisions as I have heard of cases where some buyers have ruthlessly exploited that option, with the consequence being that the sellers feel harassed. So, I probably wouldn’t want to promise unlimited revisions (unless the particular gig in consideration absolutely requires it).


okaye thats so grateful of you to advice me.


@aqsamubeen, I have seen your account. You created it nicely.


okay so nice of you ,