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How many gigs we have to make to get orders?

Because I make one gig and I can,t get any orders


there is no correlation between amount of gigs and how many orders you get.


no orders yet that’s why i am asking

Hello, it doesnt matter how many gigs you have. Its important to make gigs look nice and pro, dont just make 7 gigs for no reason. Make gigs you are proud of! Good luck

Maria S.


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From my experience, I recommend you to start only with one gig, then do A/B testing to know what works for this gig.


Here a just a few basic tips:

  • Be Patient. Orders don’t just come flying out of the sky to you. There are many people who are offering services on this platform that may be similar to yours.
  • Go to buyer requests and send as many offers to as many people that may be looking for a same or similar service you are offering
  • Promote your gig on social media.
  • Make sure to read through the Fiverr Tips to get a better understanding of how to effectively market your gig.

Best wishes to you :grinning:

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