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How many gigs we should upload?

just a simple question. how many gigs we should maintain on our profile.


I’m super busy with only 2 gigs. It depends on how broad your gig is - do you offer a lot of services within one gig? Or if you have lots of unique skills, it may be worth opening a gig for each one. I would personally be stressed managing more than 3 or 4 gigs, but that’s just me. Some people have 5+ and seem to do pretty well.


7 without any Level
10 - Level1
20 - Level 2
30 - Top Rated


@creativezoone exactly …

THANK you for replying. n I want to know which type of GIGs are those in which you are super busy :grin:

Voice overs and voice mail greetings.


you can keep 7 gigs in your profile

As a new seller you can maintain 7. Level one 10, level two 20 gig & top rated 30 gigs… :wink::wink: