How many hours do you work each day?


I work 14 to 15 hours. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is believed to work 18 hours. What about you?


Low Season: 11 hours
Middle Season: 14 to 15
High Season: It happens to be working 18… but you don’t realize until your coffee machine is empty…
I have a “normal” job and Fiverr though


At my job? 32 a week. In writing? Maybe 20 a week.


I used to work 10-12 at my previous job, but then I decided to spend more time with my family so I started doing freelance gigs. Now I work about 6-7 hours a day.


Fiverr work is around 20-25 per week.
Overall probably 40 hours per week.


Man, you need to work harder!


Man, you need to work smarter!


I like it better this way, wouldn’t know what to do with my time.


I agree with this, working 10-14 hours a day seems good and all, but I have a life


Remember I mentioned a grant some time back? Well I got it and it basically gives me 2 days wages/week for 2 years which I am using for personal projects including writing and a website project. That’s the 15-20 hours, I have cut out a lot on other platforms.

If you like what you do then great, I remember doing that kind of schedule and beyond back in Celtic Tiger times and earning a fortune. It wasn’t worth it, my son is 15 tomorrow and I missed out on a lot of his early years. Making up for it these past couple of years though.


You are 35 and have a 15 year old son? Man you started early :+1:


almost 126 hours per week.


Yep, kids change everything. I’m OK to work just enough to pay my bills if I get to spend more time with my kid :slight_smile:


LOL…my dad was 35 when I was born :slight_smile:


Yeah, it wasn’t exactly a thought out plan tbh but worked out better than any of my well thought out plans.

@uxreview 100% agree - big respect to people who are trying to do both and struggling but for anyone who has an option, the choice should always be towards more time with the kids. These days there is so much crap out there that if you don’t raise your kids, some youtuber will.


I believe that, when you work and love what you do, there is a mixed feeling about what “your life” really is. I cannot think of my life without my “normal” work, that makes me be on the road between Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany… and the creative side when sitting at my desk to create posters and flyers. Some would say that life is when you do what you like… well… I’m happy then: I do it so! :slight_smile:


If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!


Exactly, I shouldn’t call what I do as “work”…it’s just a part of my life. If not for that, I would be spending all my time watching TV news or being on Twitter and getting mad at everyone.


In that case PLEASE… Keep on working 14+ hours/day :wink:


Yeah, you won’t believe…last 1 month, I spent about an hour on Twitter every day and I got so tired and mentally drained.