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How many hours do you work each day?


Still studying. @writer99025 you better know, here getting a job depends on degree, so no job, no worries. Everyday I sit in front of my computer almost 12-16 hours. If that’s a job, then I really work hard to live :stuck_out_tongue:


You ever think of using your “powers” for non-profits/charities?
I started doing proofreading for a charity recently and I genuinely love doing it as the cause is something I really can get behind. There are loads out there who would love a talented writer to produce even 1-2 blog posts/month. Can be good for the heart to be involved in something like that which you are passionate about.


Bhai, you know, a high school drop out Uber cab driver in Bangalore makes $2000/month? An IT/BPO worker with a graduate degree makes $150/$250 month. Education can actually make you poorer. Think about it.


Nah, I have to get paid for everything. I donate a lot to religious organizations and political parties though. Gave $1000 to the 2014 Modi campaign, plan to give something like $3000 or more for the 2019 campaign. That’s my charity work.


Yeah! but to keep families and neighbors clam, we have to study (for nothing). Worst educational system ever in 21st century :frowning: Sometime, I feel sorry for myself…


Fair enough. I don’t mean it in the sense of donations or financial cost, it can be good to have something that you work for that is for a “better purpose”, to be actually involved in it. It’s good for you.


By helping Modi become PM, I help 1.25 billion people. That’s my charity work :+1:


It could even be a Modi blog or an “I <3 Modi” fan club if you were so inclined, just something that is more “yours” or “for you” rather than the hamster wheel of articles/books on weightloss, FX etc that we seem to get here. Think about doing it, I’m really enjoying the change when I am working on my personal projects.


In June, Eoin, as I expect to be free at that point. Just send me a message then.


12 - 16 hours in front of your computer, if you make some of money that’s mean you are already get a job :sunglasses:



I’m spending (wasting) that much time for last 5-6 years, but earning started less than two month :stuck_out_tongue: in this platform :smiley:

Not only that

I got the “respected” badge in forum too​:sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m a full-time seller. So I always work 14/15 hours each day :slight_smile:


Fiverr Hours - 3 years on Fiverr - TRS

When I launched on Fiverr, it was 12 hour days.
After 4 months, it was about 8-10 hours.
After 18 months, it was about 6 hours.
Now, at about 3 years, I work 90 minutes in the morning, and 90 minutes at night. I try to reply to messages within 2 hours during the 16 hours I am awake.

Our dream is to spend 6 months at Disney World Orlando and I will be able to work on Fiverr at the RV park. We might be a couple of years away from that. :slight_smile:


Landon, that’s awesome and you have a lucky family. These days I work when I need to and want to. Sometimes that’s an hour a day and sometimes it’s ten. More imporant, I also make time for my parents, spouse, other family, friends and even my neighbors. I place a high value on those relationships. I also have a dozen hobbies that I want to learn more about and multiple books I want to read!

As long as I get to do those things and spend some time in the sunshine often, it’s all good. I wish I had lived this way when I was younger. I spent too much time hunched over a desk even alongside my hobbies.


I totally agree. I really appreciate the time you invest here. It has been a source of information and inspiration. Thank You!


well not much about 8-10 hours per day


Not all of it is wasted, even though it might feel that way just after you’ve finished watching some cat videos on Youtube, but unbeknownst to you, the information you read on the internet starts accumulating, and over time, you will find yourself at an advantage vis a vis your peers, in job interviews, workplace promotions, and social settings.

Find a topic and start reading, and writing about it. You will get really good at it at the end of a year. (Highly recommended at your age : investment).


9 to 15 are my primary work hours. Outside of that timeframe, life is paramount (unless there are deadlines to keep)

Because I can only click once, here’s another one: :heart:


While I’ve been on Fiverr for a few years, I’ve only recently actively started a true business through it. I work about two to three hours a day through fiverr and about the same through the business email. Customers come from both. So four to six hours a day for the promotions and then the rest is through my writing. I’d do more but I have a lot of medical issues, and I am doing alright for what little time it is taking me right now to get everything done.