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How many hours does it take to process the level 1 badge


I have completed 10 orders as required, all with a positive review, but I haven’t been made a level seller, as I think the process is automatic.

Pls, how many hours does it take for the processing?


Next evaluation: Jan 15, 2018, maybe for this new level system your not promoted.


@sakhawat75 I was also thinking about that, but I thought they were supposed to implement the new level system at that date.


Sorry! I forget level update not at all related to date, because my one friend get promoted about one week ago.

If you violate any rule in past they may block your level update. I face this at the first time. Check analytics_dashboard and contact fiverr team.


I just checked the level analytics, and I found out that I have just spent 21 days on the platform, and I needed to use 60 days before I can be promoted


I think I remember hearing it could take up to 48 hours, but I could be wrong? Mine came through within an hour. Also, it depends on the average of your reviews. I think that must be 4.8 or higher.


My question is without Evaluation Fiverr did not give badge of level one or two?


My average review is 4.9
After reviewing the the analytics, I think it is because I haven’t used 60 days on the platform.