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How many hours you are spending on Fiverr?


Hello team,
Here is one information Topic, just to check how much time anyone of us spends on Fiver (GIGs, Forum, Blog, Academy…). I hope so that this Topic could help for beginners, to see that you must work hard if you want to build your business here.
I m on Fiverr about 12 hours per day, and some days I need to stay much longer.
Let me know your experiences. :slight_smile:


About 14 hours per day.


i usually spend my 14 to 16 hours in fiverr.


What exactly do you do in these 14-16 hours?

I log in to see if there are any orders, check out the BR area if there are any suitable jobs with less than 15 offers already.

I check out the forum occasionally, from time to time and that’s it. I am spending 1 hour a day, 2 hours tops.
I agree that the more time spent means better results, but is it really that simple or what really matters is what you do with those hours.

So please, if you have no secrets, break down some of your activities. If it’s other than fulfilling orders in order to help newbies.


I spend around 4-5 hours a day but spread throughout. Two hours in the morning and then two to three hours in the evening. Have you heard of the 90-min technique? Our focus can only really last for maximum 90 minutes? After that we are basically balls of steam. So I do 90 minutes. 15 minute break. 90 minutes. And I can finish several orders.

Edit: I typed too fast and skipped the word “of” so I had to edit…


Yea, I like the approach. Something like a prolonged pomodoro technique. I can’t really stick to that because 25 minutes with 5 minutes breaks isn’t working for me.

But my point is this. Most of the work that we do (sell) is done outside of Fiverr right? I believe the question is aimed at how much time do you spend on Fiverr for promotional purposes, searching for a job, more clients, etc? Not the overall time that you dedicate to the complete work on Fiverr. At least that’s how I look at it.


Well in that case. Only like an hour. I do the same thing. Search buyer requests, check orders, respond to messages, and then skim through forums. That’s it. Haha


I don’t tend to time myself, but when I get up to when I sleep. Fiverr is life, Fiverr is love.


if I have an order or a lot of orders , I spend about 6 hours in a day .


Was it always like that?

Considering that you’re a lv2 seller now. Did you have the same routine when you weren’t?

Cause that’s a thing that bothers me.

BR in my field is flooded with offers. 30+ offers on each and I don’t have much success with it. So the time spent which is not much is usually something that tells me that I am not doing it hard enough. I’d rather do it smart though, but you get the point.


Hey man,
I will try to write a little about my experiences, but I hope that @syedarifiqbal also can write some advice.
At all time on Fiverr I don’t mean just work time. If we speak about that I could say that I spend maybe 4-5 hours per day.
But, I spend more time to improve myself trough Fiverr. I m here of Forum every day, try to answer on every Topic (if I know something about that) than go to Fiverr Academy learn more about all, than Fiver blog.
After all, I use my GIGs and try to improve them on a higher level with all things that I read. And especially working on promote GIGs trough other blogs and forums.
And, one more thing, I was starting to write my own blog about my job on Fiverr, and that also use my time.
All these things are close linked with Fiverr and work on that. :slight_smile:
That is my little story:slight_smile:
Have a nice day for all!
Let’s grow up together!


I used to search every hour for new requests. I would promote and share my Fiverr gig with like my own bio and everything. I used to spend so much more time on just advertising myself than I used too. The problem with my buyer requests is that as a writer they are filled with OTHER writers who are breaking ToS and trying to get orders. So it kills the fun in that, though I still sometimes share my gigs I have been lucky with customers finding me, most of my customers now are returning ones.


Thank you for this technique. That is so true! :slight_smile: I m trying to use this.
But also, these 12 hours are separate trough day, maybe 6 hours in the morning than 4 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours before going to sleep. Something like that. :slight_smile:


actually now i have some buyers who really on me and also the text me almost all the time when they get chance so many buyers on saller keep online and answer them…
well i always keep up to day my buyers about their order also i give suggestion if i think i would be better if we change or modify etc…


but i really don’t used to send offer on buyer’s request because i get messages from buyer and always they hire me for their project on the other end this is my part time job so i really keep minimum order in queue but keep online at anytime via mobile.


I understand, but you was built your profile and you are going to Level 2. I hope that is much easier for find job. I receive a message from potential clients, but also I still need to send some request.
I think I will come to Level 2 soon, i m ready for that :slight_smile:


best of luck bother.
also if you provide awesome service with some friendly talking you will definately get some order again with old buyer…


I catch that. I have a lot of buyers that bring me back after some time. It is nice to see, some big satisfaction for work. :slight_smile: All the best for you, too. Keep growing to Top Seller! :slight_smile:


currently i am spending 3 to 4 hours on fiverr.

When i was TOP rated seller i spent 18 hours day with 3 to 4 hours sleep per day for more than 2 to 3 years.


Thank you bro. all the best wishes with you too