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How many impressions are good for new gig on fiverr

I got 12 impressions in 24 hours is it normal or bad and how can i improve to rank it on first page ?


It actually depends on your service. However, Please observe your gig next 7-15 days. If increase your click, impressions the well otherwise edit the gig.

I stopped worrying about the impressions the day I realized my best performing gig (in sales) wasn’t necessarily the one with the highest number of impressions. You should focus more on converting the little traffic you get and keep building on that.


It’s very low :frowning:
try to promote your gigs from sosmed.
Twitter is my first choice.
With good tag and time choice , you could get 100 - 200 impressions.
Based on my experience…, you should have around 2k - 3k impressions before you can get steady order without relying on buyer request.


thanks for advice :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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how we can get order if a gig is not being shown to buyers ?

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sir thanks for information i will share on twitter

You can’t.

You didn’t understand what I said

This is bad advice for new seller.

For New Seller…, GIG impressions is important to know whether or not their gigs is optimal.

GIG impressions --> Show how many times your gigs show up at potensial buyer browser,
If your gigs impressions low…, then you should change your tag, or do more promotions.

If your gigs impressions high…, but not getting click…, then it means your gigs thumbnail is not attractive. You should change and build your gigs thumbnail again.

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just stay online bro i hope you can get soon your first order

staying online can increase my impressions?

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What use is getting traffic without any sales?

I just bought two orders from two new sellers. Found one of them on page 7. On one of them, I ordered in less than a minute of landing on their gig. Because they convinced me to.

So yes, as a new seller, the best advice you can get is to focus more on converting the traffic you get as opposed to only getting lots of traffic.

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Already explain this before…,


Thanks for helping me argue my point.

And speaking as a buyer, it’s more than just the thumbnail. When buying, I look at everything - photos, description, packages, FAQ and sometimes I shoot a quick message to chat with the seller before buying.


I currently have 4 gigs and this is how many impressions i’ve got:

Gig no. 1: 430 impressions and 26 clicks

Gig no. 2: 28 impressions and 3 clicks

Gig no. 3: 1.1k impressions and 36 clicks (and 1 order)

gig no. 4: 427 impressions and 17 clicks
(please note that the amount clicks and impressions is after spending 2 months on fiverr)

Is this low or a good amount of impressions and clicks? And is this a good conversion rate?


how many times you edited your gigs?

Well said @ronhi85… This sort of suggestions will help new comers like me. :grinning:

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I agree from your point :slight_smile:
High traffic without order is useless…,

My point is…, sometimes new seller tend to over confident with their works.
There are many new seller blame fiverr system on why they aren’t getting order eventhough doing promotion on daily basis.
With impressions and click data, it can help us as seller to know about our skill and price range too :slight_smile:

If Impressions High, Click High, View High but no order…, then something wrong is our gigs.
It’s descriptions or over priced. Something like this :slight_smile:

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50% chances it can help you


Please make sure of checking your gigs after uploading of 5 days.