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How many impressions are good for new gig on fiverr

I had this question too… then I realised it’s a bit irrelevant.

If you’re offering a high-demand, general service like web design then I guess you can easily get thousands of impressions before you get work.

If you’re offering a niche service like editing academic papers in astrophysics, I guess you’ll get far fewer impressions before you get work.

I think it makes more sense to look at the relative changes in the number of impressions for the same gig over time. And also run several gigs that may be mostly similar but have one fundamental difference. Then you can compare performance over time, and get a feel for what works in your service niche.


thanx sir 4 good advice

Thanks Ridwansugi and Ronhi. As a new seller I learned a lot from your valuable conversation.

Hi, this method is very useful you are absolutely right.

i got 0. i really don’t know what i have to do…

Hi, I am new to fiver,this January I joined fiverr and I have posted 7 gigs! Usually my impressions for week are 300 or 200 something like that! But suddenly today my impression is 4k, why it’s happening? Is it good?

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Yes ofcourse! Your gig is visible to more people. The higher the visibility, the highers chances of getting the order.

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Well, in my point of view, Fiverr works on the principle of slowly and patiently wins the race, But keywords matters alot. It took me 1month to get and complete my first order

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I got 67 impressions in last 24 hours and that is my first gig on this accounts. But i did not get any click

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your gig shares now social media 2times daily.

Hello SIr
I was getting 70-100 impressions per day,1 week of uploading my gig,i was promoting my gig on social media too…then suddenly in the next week my impressions drops to 15-25 and my gig is on the first page of targeted niche…why is that can you guide me about this

This is hapening with you because you promote gig on Social media, so you get more views, clicks from it but not any order so, it reason Fiverr realized your Gig is bad for user and it loss rank.

so it mean next time not to promote gig ? 1 of my gig is getting 100 120 impression but 1 2 clicks why is that?

With good tag and time choice , you could get 100 - 200 impressions . Based on my experience…, you should have around 2k - 3k impressions before you can get steady order without relying on buyer request.

It’s too low. You have to use other social platforms to promote your gig. Secondly, be consistent to share it on social media for getting orders. Do effort consistently for about 9 to 11 days if there comes any improvement so carry on with that, but if not so edit your gig by improving the content and gig images. There is another point too that if you get order and then you convert greatly so impression has not that much effect on the orders. so keep working hard to promote your gig and get custom orders too. Thanks

Such a good advice

Fiverr algorithm counts how many orders we can convert :slightly_smiling_face:

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