How many Level 2 guys have achieved their goals so far?


Happy to finally touch the green zone on order completion. I hope the new level system will filter out the inactive guys and make the level system a better way for buyers to choose sellers. As a seller, I hope that I will finally earn enough to leave my other jobs. Next up is TRS :slight_smile:

What about you guys?


Can’t wait for the next evaluation lol
A lot of drama will happen here :smiley:


I’ll probably get demoted because I stupidly agreed to cancel an order when the user changed his mind. However, based on the feedback I’m getting from my clients I believe in my case the level won’t make much difference.


some buyers use the filter option to order only from level 2 users but right now I feel there are quite a few level 2 guys who shouldn’t be level 2. I hope after the evaluation, I will get an increased number of orders.


Probably, but most of my orders come from buyer requests so I’m not sure how much effect it has on me.
We’ll see what happens :slight_smile:


Why bother about anybody else and how/what they’re doing?

I hope you get more orders based on your own merit, not the failings/misfortune of others. :wink:


yeah that’s what I mean, the new system rewards the more active and meritious users in my opinion. I nearly missed the required % to stay a level 2. I gigs are very technical and not everyone can do it and my average order value is really high so I dont need a lot of orders. A few extra buyers per week will help me a lot.


I got my timing mixed up and delivered a gig late. I need to deliver a few on time otherwise my a** is getting demoted.


sorry to hear that sarah


I have maintained green bars this past month so I’m bracing up for a positive evaluation by Fiverr. I have big plans for my business this year. Happy selling!


cheers trooviez! Excited about what happens after the evaluation. Most likely the number of level 2 sellers will go down.


I am happy to stay as level 1 seller as until now I am eligible. I cannot get to level 2 seller as I have earned less than $2000. So maybe next time I will be level 2.


My next up is Level 2,but i am happy that i reach my goal


Congratulations :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


image I am out of :heart:s


image :disappointed_relieved:


not yet!:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I am excited for TRS


Wish you best of luck