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How many looks-loos do you get?

I get a lot of people lately who inquire but don’t follow up about an order. What is your experience with this and how often does it happen to you?
Thanks for your replies!


Most of the “visitors” are probably bots.

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I am talking about actual customers who message me …I get about 1.3 K impressions on my most popular gig, but I get people who just say " I want to buy one" and then never follow up . I was wondering how many people go these “passers by” and what I means .

In the five years I’ve been using Fiverr I can count on one hand the number of lookie-loos I’ve had in the past couple of years.

Pre-COVID, and the influx of new members, I would get about one inquiry a week.

Most of those did not convert to orders, so I don’t worry much about them.

I’ll answer their questions and try to help them as best I can, but normally they are just kicking tires.

My first clue is when I get asked, “I have a project for you, but can you do it for (much less than my asking price) because I’m on a budget?”

Buyers on budgets can afford quality but are just too cheap to buck up for it.

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hm okay, your reply gives me some insight…the last lookie-loo I had had a budget “in mind”,…but, I can often work with their budgets yet they still don’t follow up…

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Anyone who tells me that they are working on a tight budget I refuse to work for.

Sure, there are exceptions (regular clients, as an example).

They are the types that demand extras for free.

You are not in freelancing to give away your service.

You are in freelancing to try to make a living.

Don’t let a Buyer bully you or push you into thinking that they deserve more than you are willing to give.

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I thought you were the buyer, not the seller. I mean, when I place an job offer, as someone who has a project, and I want to find someone to do the work, 90% of the replies I get are “bots” set up by job-seekers, or auto-replies, with little relevance to the task I am seeking to be accomplished.