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How many "mutal cancellations" can cause my level badge to degrade?

I am level two with almost 66 sales under my belt.I am now on my way to my 3rd mutual cancellation.Will it cause my level 2 badge to degrade?.Help please.

As long as it’s mutual, and before the actual deadline of your order, my impression is that it’s no longer a strike against you in consideration for TRS - is this correct, everyone?

I have a moderate rate of mutual cancellations for a few of my gigs - sales writing, etc. - because people often place a single $5 order and then ask me to do much more than they have paid for. After I send a gentle explanation of pricing, many of these Buyers are happy to upgrade to Gig Extras, but sometimes they’d rather just have a refund and move on.

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I think I read somewhere that cancelation rate of up to 10% is acceptable. But I can’t remember the source.

Reply to @david388: Thanks david for the help.It was really helpful.I was quite worried that i will go back to level 1 lol.And, yes, its actually the reputation of fiverr as cheapest marketplace which causes mutual cancellation.

I think i have read that somewhere too.And i have also seen somewhere a seller complaining that as a result of few cancellations his level 2 badge was lost, and this happened to him for twice or thrice.Thats what is worrying.

Oh wow I was wondering the same thing as well.

There is a blog post from Fiverr itself that says mutual cancellations don’t have any effect on ratings anymore. Tried to add a link to it but the forum says it’s spam if I link to fiverr’s blog. o.O

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I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 cancellations, and the highest my cancellation percentage has been is 6%. They’re all mutual cancellations initiated by me, either because the buyer ordered by mistake or wasn’t responsive enough for me to deliver. I’ve heard of people losing a level for less, but I also don’t have any negative reviews, so I assume that factors in.

I’m not aware of any connection between cancellation rates and badge status. It’s my understanding from a recent conversation with CS, that the two are exclusive. With that said, a mutual cancellation that the other party agrees to does not affect your cancellation rate. But, if you file a mutual cancellation request, and they don’t respond, then that DOES affect your cancellation rate.

The impact to your account is very likely one of perception on behalf of the buyer. You’ll read articles all over the internet that buyers should choose a seller with a low cancellation rate. The assumption is that a buyer was the one initiated the request, which we all know is not true for most of us.

I have a higher cancellation rate on a couple of my gigs. And almost exclusively it’s because someone doesn’t understand my gig, the pricing, or they want to use my likeness to defraud or scam someone. I’ve tried to make the argument to fiverr staff, that for the most part, the cancellation rate should be determined by ‘buyer initiated requests’ and not ‘seller initiated requests.’ In the current situation, the sellers absorbs the sole responsibility, even if the cancellation is because of a buyers failure.

My advice… if you have to file for a mutual cancellation and the buyer decides to wait, rather than accept, let CS know. That way the order will be cancelled and it won’t show up on your cancellation rate. A headache I know.

As for the claim that someone lost their level 2 status, I don’t know. I did hear of a seller who was notified that their cancellation rate was of concern, but I wasn’t aware they lost a level. I think in that case, they went on vacation and didn’t use the vacation responder, rather, just filed for mutual cancellations for all the orders that came in. But alas, I could be wrong. Perhaps that person will see this thread and enlighten us all.

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I know this is a bit naive but…what does CS stand for?

It stands for Customer Support.

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AH, thank you! I knew it would be an answer I’d go “Oh duh!” for. :slight_smile: :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


I wish ancient topics would degrade (in an environmentally friendly way of course)