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How many mutually cancelled gigs is "too many"?

Lately I have received a TON of orders for blog posts where the buyer bypasses all five of my mandatory Gig Requirements and only writes something like “Title: summer hairstyles” or “Write about motivation” in every space. Or the latest one wrote “Not interested”. Really?

This is not how my blog writing gig works. The gig requirements are super clear and mentioned in the gig description. The base gig does not include any amount of research. Not so much as a google search. Additionally, I require the buyer’s URL and/or information about their audience so that my writing will match the rest of the site content/blog posts. And I don’t write filler or spammy search engine food.

I’ve had MANY of these lately. This is my second time coming to the forum for advice. Last time, I was advised to cancel the gigs. There were THREE of them then. I only cancelled two. Invested very little time writing the other. That’s just not my style!

Here I am again, looking at a gig where the buyer hasn’t replied to my message for additional information.

How many times can I cancel these gigs before it starts to affect my level 2 status?

@alexanderamanda: Hello,

As Fiverr says that mutual cancellation does not affect your ratings but the catch here is that it has affect on your cancellation rate.

And if you cancellation rate drops then it might start affecting your Level 2 status.

I guess once it drops below 90% then you will have to start thinking about it.

If its above 90% then its okay. If its above 95% then you are safe :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed in the past that mutually cancelled gigs don’t affect my cancellation rate.

TOS states, “Sellers must fulfill their orders, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Cancelling orders will affect sellers’ reputation and status.” … note the “or”. So if I’m getting these gig orders on a weekly basis, or more frequently (which I hope doesn’t become the case), it stands to reason that I’d start creeping into that “regular basis” territory.

Also mentioned in TOS… " late deliveries, warnings to the seller’s account and cancellations can cause a seller to move to a different Level."

And… “A Seller may cancel an order without the buyer’s consent at any given moment (Force Cancellation). However, this will have a negative effect on the seller’s rating.”

So I’m left wondering exactly how cancelling these unresponsive, spammy gigs will affect me.

@alexanderamanda: I would suggest that to be on safer side just create a ticket and let the Customer Support know about all this.

And they will help you & also they will see that with this your Cancellation rate is not affected.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have more than 200 mutually cancelled orders, i offer mutual cancellation whenever i can’t do the job or requirements are not fulfilled, and it never affected my account, i keep getting orders and lately i’ve been getting more and more.
You can offer mutual cancellations anytime you want as long as you have a reason, it will never affect your your level.
Good luck :slight_smile:

@onlinedzshop: Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Mutual cancellations are fine, I don’t think they hurt your rating, they certainly haven’t hurt my rating. A buyer giving you 4-stars probably hurts you more than a mutual cancellation. In the end, Fiverr knows that the buyer will simply hire someone else, so they have nothing to lose.

P.S. I used to have two boxes for instructions until I had a buyer that couldn’t fill the second box. Now I have one box. It makes things easier.

Please let me know,If i want to remove any review,Can I use cancellation process?

No, the review will still stick, so don’t do that

Try to communicate with the buyer, the review can only be removed or changed only if he agrees. Sorry

Yeah, like bojansavikj said, refunds after review don’t remove the review. You have to get your buyer to remove that review, and promise him you’ll refund him, then keep your promise.

The best way to prevent bad reviews is to let buyers know that if they don’t like your work, you will give them a refund. This might increase refund requests a bit, hardly noticeable, but it will decrease bad reviews.

Of course, some don’t read instructions or don’t care, some just open the attachment, hate the work, and review you badly.

There is one exception to my rule, if I’m delivering a $30 job that took me 30 or 60 minutes to do, I will not mention my refund policy. In that situation, a bad review isn’t the end of the world. But for $5 to $15? No problem. Either way, I’m refund-friendly, and it helps.

its wrong…if your buyer agree for mutual cancellation the review will go and you will get back the previous rating…i am sharing my experience…i will tel if i have experience only…so you can believe…but dont try to delete the gig…if you delete the gig the review will go but the rating will be there…also maximum try to reduce the mutual cancellation…it will not affect the rating but it may affect the level status…this knowledge i got from fiverr team…

@alexanderamanda mutual cancellations will not affect your completion bar! We use it to safely cancel any orders that sellers are not able to complete or it was bought by buyers not reading the gig description. I have canceled a few orders and it has not affected my completion bar :slight_smile:

There is no limit to that cancel it mutually but make sure they accept it with 48 hours of the refund issued


I have mutual cancellations and my cancellation rate is 0%.