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How Many Of You Are Frustrated From 14 Days Clearance?

Hi Guys,

My name is Awais & I’m catering here the services on Fiverr for more than one & a half years.

Through this long journey, I have found many improvements that can be made to make the platform more effective like adding a voice note feature to chat & many more.

The one I’m a bit frustrated with is 14 days clearance. This time frame can be reduced to 7 days like Top Rated Sellers & for Top Rated Sellers maybe reduce it to 3 days.

Sometimes waiting 14 days for your revenues when you need them becomes frustrating.

I think many of us should appeal Fiverr through Customer Support to work on this problem :cold_sweat: I know this is not easy as we think but a better way can be found.

What you say guys???


If you type “14 day clearance” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much discussed topic, which you may find interesting.


Thank you @lloydsolutions I will pay them a visit also

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I am not any more frustrated by waiting 14 days for payment clearance here than I was when I was working in an office and getting paid twice a month. I feel it helps keep me on budget and work toward goals when I have the waiting period. I have it scheduled on my calendar now when to withdraw, and it works out well for me.


yes, This is very irritating

Yes they are working for you. Sometimes it also work for us but most of time we need our revenues earlier as an emergency sometimes also but we have to wait.

I think reducing the time a bit will help both cases like saving the revenues & also if you need them in an emergency.

As mentioned above, the whole “I don’t like the 2 weeks clearance” post has been made many times so you can go check the link, but it is clearly stated in the Fiverr TOS that it is going to take 2 weeks, and the moment you decided to create a gig, that meant that you agree with that rule. I said this in different posts before, but from my personal experience, I usually get paid once a month, and the only time I got paid right away was something like baby/dog sitting. 2 weeks is extremely short compared to a whole month, so I don’t think there really isn’t much to complain.

True, we always do run into emergency situations where we suddenly need money.
It has happened to me before and in fact I’m sure we all have.
Having that said though, I think it is more important and realistic to focus more on having a decent amount saved and untouched on the side rather than complaining about Fiverr’s rules. :thinking:


No one here is trying to say that we don’t agree to the rule of 14 days clearance. Instead, we are trying to keep a healthy discussion on the topic so we get to know different opinions on the 14 days clearance.

No one is complaining @zeus777
Upgrading the system is a positive gesture like earlier when withdrawing revenues to bank accounts Fiverr did deduct $1 or $3 as per your choice but now it doesn’t. Earlier withdrawing to account takes one or two days now it takes a few minutes.

In the same way, we are expecting an upgrade in the clearance system also. When the rules are decided it never means that they will not be upgraded to improve user experience.

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That would be a nightmare when trying to decipher the accents and bad English.

That’s like having a regular job and getting paid twice a month. I have no problem with it. If you get orders on regular basis, you stop noticing the clearing period, as long as you don’t spend everything you’ve withdrawn at once.

That’s why I plan things in advance, and save up for emergencies.

To be perfectly honest, these complaints about the clearance period remind me of children getting impatient after they’ve spent all of their pocket money (within a day after receiving it).


Everything comes with advantages & disadvantages. You can request your buyer that it’s hard for you to understand his Accent.


Great! suggestion! It will help me also. Thank you!

I’m totally not frustrated. :smile: (14) Days is a breeze. :ok_hand:t4: :pineapple: I’ve expressed my thoughts on this subject many times. The standard for any brick & mortar job is getting paid bi-weekly, some industries monthly.

Um, appeal for what? :woozy_face: Good luck with that, please do not flood Fiverr’s Customer Support inbox.:pushpin: FYI~ When you first signed up to use this website as a Seller. You agreed to Fiverr’s terms of service which talked about payments and all that jazz. :saxophone:


Brick and mortar jobs pay you a predictable salary. Fiverr isn’t predictable.

If people liked waiting for their money, why does Uber and Lyft offer instant payments, sometimes several times a day? Doordash deposits your earnings on Mondays, until you have driven enough, then you can collect them anytime you want.

Fiverr makes us wait for some reason. If 14 days was a breeze, why do Top Rated Sellers get their money in 7 days?

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True, I never really thought about why TRS gets the money in one week, but you got a good point. Maybe it’s some random “congrats you’re a TRS, here’s a little something just for the heck of it” perk. I’m guessing there IS a good reason for it, but I have no idea.:thinking:
I do appreciate the one week period, but again, if it went back to 2 weeks, still not a problem. I get paid once a month, so 2 weeks is lightning speed! :zap::zap::zap:


@zeus777 @fastcopywriter I think the Top Rated Sellers have a royal exception :man_shrugging:

Maybe the Fiverr is doing so to show their superiority from Level 2 & 1 Sellers.

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Yes we did agreed to TOS but we are expecting an update in the system now like they have upgraded a lot in many sections to make the platform effective. In the same way we are expecting an update in this section also.

I think it should be 1 day clearance for all.

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When Fiverr was first launched, it was 14 days for everyone. It was 14 days to try and mitigate risk of chargebacks and other frauds.

PayPal would allow users to perform chargebacks up to 60 days. Fiverr knew 60 day withdrawals weren’t a viable option so offered 14 - under the assumption that any order issues after completion (which can take 3 days - so 17 days total), would likely rear their head within the 14-17 day period. If an issue did occur, Fiverr still has the funds to decide what to do.

As TRS were consistent sellers and frequently have orders and money going into their account, this risk is much lower (i.e. if a chargeback did happen, we will likely replenish our balance with other orders so Fiverr isn’t out of pocket etc). As a TRS you are also a proven seller and less likely to be fraudulent yourself.

If Fiverr had a one day clearing period it could easily be abused. Scammers could come on and place an order with a stolen credit card to any old account they owned on Fiverr - mark it as complete and withdraw the money. This obviously wouldn’t be good.

I personally think withdrawals should be based on a trust metric - such as time since last chargeback, completed orders, order cancellations etc and be reduced based on that - rather than seller level rating.

It’s also worth nothing that since Fiverr was launched, PayPal now allows chargebacks up to 180 days since purchase.


As a former TRS, I felt it was a huge perk. I was making $50 to $100 a day, and getting my money in 7 days meant I could pay my bills sooner. Nowadays, I have to work a real job, Uber, etc. Now it takes forever to get my money. Lightning speed? I don’t think so. Lightning speed is getting my money in one minute, which I can do with Uber.

Right, so the system is futile, and I know sellers who have woken up with a negative account balance, -$100 or -$500 in the red. I can only hope that those who do chargebacks are banned from Fiverr, that should keep some of the crooks at bay.


Yup this was the point when I started this conversation but many here don’t seem to have any problem either it’s 14 days or 30 days.

Fiverr has made many improvements which I have seen on this journey of one & a half years & I’m hopeful they will be working on this one also.

@fastcopywriter I’m sorry to hear that you lost your Top Rated Seller Badge :sleepy: