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How many of You Are Offering Some Unique Service To Your Valuable Client's


Hello Friend’s I’m just wondering that how many gig’s in fiverr are unique…

I’m Just Asking How many Of You Are Offering Some Unique Service in your Gig’s…

Is your service Unique…


I have seen a few unique services on Fiverr, most of what I have seen is just a slight spin off of other similar services.

I had a quick search for a couple of the services I am offering and I have not seen the exact same thing offered by anyone else yet so maybe my gig is somewhat unique.


Everyone should be offering unique services.


unique in the sense … One and only in fiverr, one and only of it’s kind as reinier mentioned in his comment… not similar to existing service in fiverr…


Reply to @jonbaas: True- but some gigs are more unique than others. For instance, my astronomy gig is the only one of its kind on Fiverr, which makes it pretty unique by any standard. However, I wish someone would put up one just like it to take some of the pressure off me. Anybody interested?