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How many of you are using Fiverr Anywhere Feature to generate Sales

How many of you are using Fiverr Anywhere Feature to generate Sales From social media and outside the fiverr?


This is an excellent question. I was wondering that too. Is this the name of the app?

i’m using it from last week and get 5 orders from facebook :smiley:


I see! So it is basically a link to your profile. I don’t understand, how do you know they were from facebook?

ok for example i’m providing adobe illustrator services
i have joined some active groups on facebook :slight_smile: with 100k members
So simply i share my work like cartoons , polygon logos, that was made by me, Because it was active group so 30+ peoples contacted me and 4 person placed order :smiley:
i just send offer to them using Fiverr Anywhere

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How do you know that they are from facebook when they contact you?

Are they members of fiverr or do they join? Or they don’t need to be when you send them the custom offer?

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Haven’t used it. Not sure how much my answer helps you, but here you go :wink:

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when they try to place order they need to be a member of fiverr!

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So you can send a custom offer even if they are not a member of fiverr?


That’s actually not bad :slight_smile:
I don’t need it myself, but I can definitely see the benefit it provides to some sellers.

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Yes i was afraid to use it but then i think this is good idea to convert sales from social platfroms

It looks like just a fancy link to your profile on fiverr without any other features.

I would like to know

  1. how you know they found you on facebook

  2. when you send the custom offer do they need to be a fiverr member? Or do they need to sign up first?

when i send them custom offer they need to place order if they have account then order will placed without any any hesitation

but if they did not have account on fiverr then they need to setup there account and then place order with details as we discussed on facebook
that’s how i know he/she were came from facebook/ twitter/ instagram

I guess the logic behind is that if you share that Custom Offer only on FB then anyone who purchases it has come through FB link. I’m guessing there isn’t an offer with the same description and price on his profile.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than taking buyers directly to the profile page :slight_smile:
With this custom offer there’s only one option in front of a buyer, so the success rate is higher. (Assuming buyer is interested and it has an attractive description)

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No No Seller can generate different custom offers of different prices for each person whome he/she discussed about the project outside the fiverr
and sent it to him for proceed the order

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Exactly!!! :slight_smile:

great feature :slight_smile:

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So the link shows a custom offer?

Yes. @misscrystal