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How many of you feel like you're talking to the same person, but they're using different buyer accounts?

I read a post on reddit about a seller who (purportedly) has the same buyer signing up for multiple buyer accounts every time they purchase a gig from him/ her and it got me thinking long and hard, so I started going through my conversation and order history, and I feel like I’m having the same experience plus maybe a bit extra:

  • Phrases which I use in conversation with one buyer are often spit back at me by a different buyer. This has happened pretty often. My tone in messages with buyers is more like how an actual human converses than formal corporate-robot speak, so it’s pretty weird that the exact same phrase is repeated by a different buyer.

  • The style of communication is pretty similar among these different buyer accounts: I write quite a lot in messages and try to be as detailed as possible about whatever message I’m trying to get across but I usually get a reply of maybe 2-3 sentences.

  • Buyers who claim to be from a certain country don’t use, misuse, or don’t understand colloquial language (e.g. ta, no worries, arvo, etc. for Australians, Englishmen or New Zealanders, gonna/ finna/ fam for Americans).

I actually took a year off from fiverr to work on a pretty cool government project in my country, and after my conversation analysis I actually found this pattern of spooky-mirror conversations to be consistent among certain buyer accounts from before and after my 1-year break, which has really driven my anxiety levels through the roof now.

I get the feeling I’ve been targeted by either by a psychopath, or a freelancer from a different site who’s profiting of my work, or a combination of both.

So back to my original question:
How many of you feel like you’re talking to the same person who is using different buyer accounts?
Care to share some insights or stories?


So today I came across this thread which somewhat proves my earlier concerns about buyers signing up for multiple accounts to do whatever here on fiverr.

I’d highly doubt it.

You have to have your paypal/creditcard/bank/whatever account associated to buy.
You might get away with it once, but they have detection in place to prevent this sort of thing.
(I can think of one high-profile example from last year where they tried it and got banned pretty quickly)

More likely is that your buyers are using Google Translate, so they sound similar. It’s a blessing and a curse. You start to recognize google translate after a while.

It’s also possible they all work for the same firm. Remember, a lot of sales on here involve you selling to middlemen because we charge so low, they use us to make a profit, which is fine.
I’ve been doing Fiverr 5 years and have never seen anything close to what you describe. If they are causing harm, report them. If not, just keep on doin’.


I once had 3 sellers contact me, and I am 99% sure they are the same person.
Everything was fine at first, but after a while I started to notice that this seller was a bit troublesome, but since he/she was paying I just went with it.
After a few months, I reached my limit and I told the person I was not willing to work
with him/her anymore.

Then I think 6 months or so went by.
Another seller contacts me, at first I didn’t notice anything, but after a few orders I started noticing a pattern, mainly the way the person spoke/typed and what he demanded.
At one point he changed his avatar and was using the image I created for the “other” seller so I noticed it was the same guy. I thought OK, I can try giving him another chance and didn’t mention anything, but after a few more orders I got tired of him and once again mentioned that I could not work for him anymore.

Fast forward a year or so, seller #3 contacts me, and the same thing happened again.
Went through the same process, blah blah blah, and told him I cannot work with him.
There is no proof that this seller is the same person but I am prrrrrreeeeeeeeetty sure he is.

I think it’s been a year or so since the last order. Hopefully he’ll never contact me.


It happens, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near the biggest problem sellers encounter. In fact, it’s probably pretty low on the list. There are a few people who just get obsessive like the one Zeus had. They are a little whack and willing to go out of their way to use family members or friends to sign up so they can stalk a “favorite” seller. I just don’t think that accounts for a lot of buyers.

The second biggest group that probably does this is people who are looking for services under Lifestyle/Fun. That isn’t a put-down of that category, it’s just that some of those gigs do attract a bigger share of oddballs. For examples, some newbie sellers think they can make easy money on Fiverr by thinly disguising an adult chat gig as a “Relationship Advice” gig and they attract weirdo buyers. Of course, the sellers that do that are breaking the rules and they get banned anyway. Other gigs in that category include real advice or counseling gigs which can draw some strange stuff and the “woo woo” gigs like prayers and psychic services. The gigs may be absolutely legit (or some may not) but they probably pull some stalky buyers who will work to avoid being blocked.

Other than those scenarios, though, I don’t think the average seller sees a lot of buyers with multiple accounts. The requirement to have separate payment accounts is an issue for buyers, especially very young ones. Newbie sellers who try to create multiple buyer accounts to get the competition in trouble also get caught quickly. T

here are so many other ways that buyers can utilize Fiverr improperly without getting caught, I just don’t think the multiple account thing is a large problem on average. The last time I had a buyer with multiple accounts he admitted it because he had a seller account and he had tried to create a buyer account with his business name. He had not read the ToS and he rapidly closed the second account on his own when he understood.


Or some disguise an adult gig as a “cosplay” gig and get banned.

Thanks @liquidlettuce @zeus777 and @fonthaunt for the stories and reassurances.
It’s helped tone down my anxiety a bit.

I do wonder about these resellers, though. :thinking:
Why the need to disguise themselves?
Can’t they just be honest and say “look I have this project I need some help with” or “look I got this job that I wanna outsource to you” instead of pretending to be an Australian/ Englishman/ American/ etc.?

Some go as far as assuming the identity of the business owner, and when you ask them about important business info (which an owner should know) they either shy away or take forever to reply.

It just sets up the whole business relationship under false pretenses and gives off a really eerie vibe, tbh.
When done repeatedly it just points towards the other party being either a sociopath or psychopath.

I quit corporate because I had enough of dealing with high-functioning workplace sociopaths but some of the buyers one can encounter here are pretty much up to par with the real-life ones lol

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Don’t really feel it, it happened before, (actually today) that a buyer told me he had a different account and we have done business together before.

I don’t think someone can use multiple account in fiverr but talking to same buyer from different account is only one way and that is if he has a friend and he uses his ID.
Recently one of my client reply me that
“… is not available and my name is … . Can you do this and that”
I assume that he is also a fiverr user but right now he is using his friend (or maybe husband or wife cause this will make more sense) phone.

@fogi your buyer is very forthcoming about it.
Mine are not at all.
One of my buyers even blocked my IP address on their web host while I was working on their site.
I knew the ass-hat was up to no good but I just ignored it and switched my IP address so I could finish the job.

They did not sneaked around, for some reason they just got an other account, and they wanted me to remember them.

I’m sorry to dig up an old post, but I need to share the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to me on Fiverr.

It just happened and I’m still in shock. Lol

I had a buyer complain about the quality of the audio (what? In 150 orders no one has EVER complained about that) and because I was fed up with his passive agressive replies I agreed to cancel.

It went through my mind that he could now use my work for free, but he had other good reviews so it’s not like he was an obvious scammer so I thought “whatever” and moved on.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks and this IDIOT decides to ask me (always in the most polite way) to deliver some extra sentences (they had changed the text of the voiceover) as in… A REVISION.

As in… letting me know, like it was the most normal thing in the world, that he was using the voiceover after getting the refund. :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

I took a deep breath, explained him everything (he even tried to say “oh but I think I can use the voiceover” and I copy pasted the TOS that clearly forbid it).

Then he said he would pay for the revision, to which I replied that I would NEVER work with him again and was going to block him.

3 days later (today) I get a message from another account asking my quote for 3 sentences… Yep, those same sentences this idiot needed.

I obviously reported and blocked this second account.

Isn’t this surreal? He thought I wouldn’t recognize the 3 sentences he had already sent me before?

I have no words.


D’a, what a surprise, a middleman on a freelance market. This world has never stopped surprising me. I hope to meet one someday. :laughing:

it happens mostly in every part of trade. showing little courtesy I gave a single line floor plan to a customer and he replied after 2 days that they are having some family problem. later we will discuss the details. BUT after six moths I saw the house building standing on the same site with the same plan. Actually when it comes for the world behavior, its normal. :thinking:

Yes but at least your buyer didn’t tell you straight up he was going to use it.

This was a whole new level of dumb.

Yea didn’t tell me bu used that plan in full and complete details without paying me anything.

Dear, don’t get frustrated just try to stay calm and concentrate on your work in front of you. Because you won’t spoil your current targets because of that AH. I wish you good luck and safe deals. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you!! You too :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Okay, that’s good to see a smile. Never let the depression to take over you. That’s all.
Good luck

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It happens at least twice a week. Either a previous client messages me from a different account and they are honest about it, because they have more than one, or their previous account is gone,
or someone messages me at the same time from two or more accounts thinking I won’t know it’s the same person.

I did have someone cancel an order after it was delivered but come back and continue to try to chat and ask questions from a new account, as if everything was fine.

And I have some deranged previous client who comes back for several years from new accounts each time, who had cancelled her order after she got it, pretending she never ordered from me before, inquiring about ordering from me.


These are the hurdles of this field. and at least we have to move forward. So, let them do their part as they want, but not letting any pain to crawl in our positive energies to slow us down in our good performance and practices. :innocent: