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How many of you feel like you're talking to the same person, but they're using different buyer accounts?

EDIT: Oops, didn’t realize this thread is a couple years old.

Maybe this is not relevant at all, but chiming in to say that I’m a US millennial and just learned what “finna” means. I’ve also lived abroad for 6 years and am not a huge social media user. Is it possible in some of the cases you named that the Buyer is not in the age group for a certain type of slang, which would be why they don’t understand it? And is it just that they’re not responding to it, or they ask what it means?

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What they are talking about is recognizing some people who have more than one account messaging you from them all pretending to be different people.

This is unfortunately the case sometimes.

I know what you mean but at one point it was mentioned that they are ex. pretending to be American or Australian when you don’t understand certain slang or informal phrases from that language.

Why he said that is that they have a setup where each account pretends to be from different countries yet they don’t understand slang from that country. I encounter this a couple of times a month on average. When you’ve been here a long time you notice speech patterns that don’t fit with where they are supposedly from.

Sometimes I can recognize the way someone is writing and using words as being from a certain place that is far from the place they have indicated on their profile, yet it fits with the other recent strange messages I’ve gotten from another account.

There are lots of people on fiverr who like to have more than one account and apparently think it’s to their advantage to be sneaky about who they are, where they are from, how many accounts they have etc.

But if it’s for example an American using unfamiliar slang that’s totally different. You still recognize them as American.

I am sure you are right and I know this is a big part of your experience after reading a lot of your posts on the forum. I want to stick up for the percentage of cases, though, where there is an explanation - ex., I am from the US but live in Denmark. I work with a Buyer who is a non-native English speaker from Singapore but lives in Australia. At first, I didn’t understand why there were so many spelling mistakes in her messages. There are sometimes explanations for why someone doesn’t have the language skills you expect, ex. because they are an expat.

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I can still tell you are an American. I haven’t encountered what you are saying but it may happen and I’m unaware of it. If they clarify what their situation is that helps of course. In any case it’s never any problem unless they are using multiple accounts and messaging me from all of them while pretending to be different people. Lately that happens a lot.