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How Many of You Found the Gig Request Useful?

I think most of the people who advertise the request for gigs are the new ones to Fiverr and look not so sure how to hunt for sellers. How effective is the approaching your buyer from the request gigs can be? Share your experience here. Thank you

So far, of all the messages I sent to the buyers who posted on ‘Request Gigs’, only a few of them actually replied. Maybe it’s because of the content of my message. But on my side, it’s not working for me.

Reply to @cybotchua: Hello, Good to have you in this discussion. Well, I have to tried and my first customer was from the request gig. But then I have sent like more than thirty messages but only some would response. I would work but you need more hardwork I guess

Only a few seem to reply back to you from the gig requests but I’ve made at least $100 from trying. I might only get a response back 40% of the time or less but its money. :wink:

Good luck.

Having a stellar video presentation helps tremendously no matter what you are offering.

Only a few reply back, but then every request will have a whole bunch of people that can do it. So you’re just the lucky chosen one if they reply.

well, that’s what I’ve been wondering about: you can find tons of gigs if you’re a buyer, but if you’re a seller only a few requests show in that green box to the right - how do you find all your potential clients?

Reply to @zarklon: Thank you very much for your feedback and I agree with you. I have found a long-term buyer from the gig request yesterday. :slight_smile:

Reply to @rossonomous: guess we are just trying luck

Reply to @coachgrazina: We have to try approaching and adjusting to the gig request. just one of the ways