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How many of You got to Level 2 in FIRST 60 days?


I am just interested how many of you got to Level 2 in first 60 days.

I will end my first month on Fiverr tomorrow. For now it looks that Level 2 is very close and the proper objective.

Please share your experience!


Reply to @kjblynx: Can you please say to me, when Levels were intruduced ? Thanks.


Reply to @bachas85: Yes I totally agree with you that is relative to the type of gigs you have. But as I can see from your profile you got your ball rolling in perfect way :). Top rated seller (1 year) - Congratz ! Yes I am very objective - driven person (I think that most of sellers here are). Like you said - that`s the way to go! :wink:


Never got level 1 due to a warning. Directly got Level 2 after 3 months. Although I had made enough sales and qualified for level 2 in the second month itself. :expressionless:


I did! :slight_smile: