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How many of you have INVESTED MONEY into your Fiverr business?

Just wondering how many sellers here have really invested money into their Fiverr business. I also get clients through my online mixing/mastering website, and I have really invested a lot into it. If you have invested into your business, was it worth it for you?

I know there are a lot of people who are selling on Fiverr who are afraid to take that risk.

I was just curious!



I have invested some by buying gigs from others that might help me with mine. Have your investments been helpful in getting you good traffic and sales? We can all use more of that! :slight_smile:

It has been somewhat helpful for my Fiverr gig. The problem is, in the mixing and mastering category so many sellers post pictures of equipment they don’t even own. Usually from google images.

I mean it’s so easy to go to a studio and pay the owner like $50 to take a photo with their recording console right? Even if they don’t have the fundamental knowledge required to even operate one.

I do think I have a niche crowd (very small) that understands my intentions of mixing and mastering their music with state-of-the-art equipment at affordable prices.

But sadly, a lot of musicians who are looking for services for $5 have done little research on WHAT makes a song sound great. So they have absolutely no clue about the tools I have available in my studio. So now I’m trying something new…offering a “free consultation” on how they can improve the sound of their recordings.

I invested a huge time in work (daily promotion on social media and SEO campaigns) and money in Facebook ads, buying gigs & renting an SEO VPS.

ps: but Fiverr 3.0 release wasted ~90% of my investitions… now I’m looking for alternatives.

I’ve bought covers for most of my gigs, and purchased a video for my headline gig (I wrote the copy). Looking professional can help you get more sales.

Reply to @trademarksounds: I use my home studio setup for mixing and mastering setup to do the magic.

I wouldn’t offer a mastering service if I had professional equipments to pay, I know that is easy to take a pic in front of an SSL and brag about it, some one got busted by one famous studio because he was using their studio pic! lol