How many of you sellers bought a gig from another seller?


Guys, how many of you have bought a gig from another seller so far?

I have bought three, one was for my avatar, voiceover for one of my gigs (which I never uploaded) and setting up of a landing page. Now, I found some cool gigs, for videos and I will purchase some of them soon.

Not the avatar that shows on the forum, but the one on my profile.


I have. I use Fiverr to help me find graphic designers.


I’ve bought quite a few gigs from other sellers. I started on this site as a buyer about a year ago when I needed book covers made. Since I started selling, I’ve continued placing orders here and there. I can write but there are lots of things that I can’t do. I’ll never attempt to make my own book covers! :stuck_out_tongue:


So far, only once. Got a vector file of a logo I made.
But it was mostly to try out the process.


i have bought 30+ gigs from other sellers


I’ve currently two Orders in progress with other sellers.


5 times,for personal use.A video ( which I never upload)


Is it your birthday?!?

Also to stay on topic. I am an avid buyer when I find myself in need of things. :slight_smile:


I’m an avid buyer and seller!


What’s up radha kapoor?


Mine experience was good. I only purchased one


Actually it’s Rakhee Kapoor, if you meant the profile image.:sweat_smile:


Thank you for the correction :wink:


I purchased gigs on fiverr, 5 times for my personal use.


I have purchased about 400+ gigs!

Great Experience mostly!


That’s awesome! My buying “career” started a few months ago. I am planning on buying video from those guys dancing in the jungle it’s pretty awesome. :slight_smile:


I usually do my own graphics and modeling, but sometimes I need help for the complicated projects.


Not yet, but I want to. There are a few things I need done just personally, but I also plan on getting a logo made and perhaps a gig video too. It’s on my list of things to do, important but not urgent so keeps getting put off. But thanks for the reminder on this! I will boost it up the to-do list for next week!


Have bought +30 gigs over the years.


I am a top rated buyer and a level 2 seller.

I’m a web designer and time to time I need to hire content writers, logo & graphics designers, back end programmers, and lot more people.

So far I purchase over +200 gigs in last 6 months.