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How many of you would be interested in a fiverr success guide?

I’m posting this just to sort of gauge the audience here.
I’m in the process of doing a video series of how I closed down my first fiverr account and have opened up a new one to start from scratch. So far it’s been successful and it’s an “over the shoulder” style series. I’ve just got to remove some audio + on-screen texts that link to some other ways to reach me… But anyway , if I can get this approved to be posted here on the forums…

Is that something you, as fiverr sellers, would like to see?

I figure I’d post them to my fiverr only youtube channel and answer questions both there and here … wherever they come. I just want to help new fiverr sellers learn how to do it right… so I’m going to show the first few videos to fiverr staff to see if they will allow me to post them here =)

Cheers all! !

This was also a test post for the forums… It looks like the posting issue has been fixed.


How successful were you or are you on fiverr? Why did you close your first account?
What username is your new account under? Although it says your account is closed next to your name, you do have an account under this name thevideostore.

Obviously it would be most valuable to have this guidance from someone who is a success on fiverr. If it is a fiverr success guide, then we would hope your own account would show you are a success.

I see your account now has 7 reviews and was started in June 2017.

Why not publish the videos on youtube instead of in the forum? That way it won’t give the impression you are promoting your own gigs on the forum.

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How successful were you or are you on fiverr?
Successful enough to support a family of 4?
Why did you close your first account?
So I could make this course I’m talking about and show people how to do it from scratch.
And , I dont need to work on fiverr anymore , so this is purely me giving back.
What username is your new account under?
This is the new one (TheVideoStore instead of VideoStore)

Although it says your account is closed next to your name, you do have an account under this name thevideostore. – Yea because I closed my old one … The system thought I was doing something wrong when I opened my new account… It put me on lock and unable to post for several months… but now that I’ve got a few videos done and some sales ,I thought I’d post the tips videos here instead of my other corner of the web where I share them to a niche that is not necessarily the “work at home type”. The people on fiverr would be 10x more receptive to it. Its taking my skills from fiverr and putting them into a legit fiverr + work at home video series.

I’m not profiting off of anything with this. Unless you count pennies on the dollar of youtube monetization? (which is a joke tbh) =)

The way I see it , I dont care who thinks I’m a success of not. If you follow just the first 3 videos , that will go away. $200+ in my first 3 sales… shrugs Thats all I’m gonna say :slight_smile:

I do already post them on youtube. They have racked up several hundred , if not a few thousand views.
Again , just sharing , helping etc… I dont care what people think of it. I know it’s helpful information. Thats all =D

You could post links to them with permission, is that what you want to do?

It’s not about who thinks you are a success. We have lots of sellers who are relatively new or without many sales who post tips for success on the forum to promote their own gigs, but if you look at their record on fiverr they are not successes. That is what I’m getting at.
How is this different, aside from the video format?

edit: I remember you from before. I think you left out of a sense of things not being run right or unfairness? I don’t remember the details but you felt something wasn’t right as I recall.

Anyway it sounds like a good idea to me to post some tips for success videos and since yours are already on youtube I guess you just need permission to post the links to them.

It’s all explained in the course. By video 3 I show myself closing the old account down in that video… And by vid 4 and 5 I show how to setup a gig and how I made my first sale etc… etc… Its just an over the shoulder style view. It completely different. If I get gets approved , it will go over with grace. Its already well received elsewhere =)

Yea sure , I looks like every other nobody trying to give tips… Such things I no longer concern myself with. I kind of feel like my stuff is meant for a very select few anyway… Some weird energy I’ve got with me.
Yea its just a permission thing I’m going to get , or not, and then they are posted here. =)

You were probably rightfully angry at a bad buyer and decided to leave I think.

What made you come back since you were so angry before:

Anyway this has nothing to do with the video idea so I wish you luck with it. I see no harm in it.

I’m not here for me. Yea fiverr has it’s problems , and that’s one of the reasons I left. Now that I’ve moved on , I’m actively seeking to help people get started just the same way I did to get where I’m at today.
Just giving away my tips. The very first order I landed on here was a $75 one… and I got a $40 tip. Thats literally how the course starts off =P I don’t need to set up a shop here but what I’m doing is both what works and trying things that literally anybody can do… Showing people they can either make anywhere from a little money to an entire living depending on what they pick and how they market themselves… I try to cover a lot of ground and offer people with virtually 0 skills a way to make some money.

Just one of the heartwarming comments that keeps me motivated to do this course is this guy’s! thenote