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How many of you write and send invoices to Fiverr International Ltd?

Hey there,
I would be interested to know how many of you write invoices and send them to Fiverr as described in the official FAQ section.

Certainly many are small entrepreneurs or do it as a sideline, but there are certainly also people who earn their living here and have corresponding duties in their country to the tax authorities.

I ask because I once sent a ticket to Fiverr with an invoice and the answer to that was that they don’t need monthly bills from me. To put it mildly, it seems contradictory to me. Does anyone proceed as described in the FAQ section and has a way of how they accept the invoices, or do you just create them for yourself? I’m curious about your experience!


Hey Alex,

There is nothing contradictory.

It says…

Fiverr does not issue invoices for sellers, nor do sellers have buyer’s billing information to issue invoices for the purchases made from their Gig. However, you as a Fiverr seller can issue invoices to Fiverr to report your earned revenues to the tax authorities.

In short, you can issue/create invoices to report your earnings to the tax authorities of your country. Fiverr doesn’t need it but you can!

You don’t need to send those invoices to Fiverr. Fiverr doesn’t need them.

Hope it makes sense now.


Well, at least there is a reason for confusion. It also says

The invoices can be made out using the information below, and they can be sent to our Support Team or they can be mailed to the physical address listed below:

I also can send them a picture of my cat but I don’t have to. Shouldn’t the fact that there is this option to send them an invoice also mean that it has to have a deeper meaning as well? I do bills for my earnings, yes, but the highlighted part of the statement quoted just doesn’t make sense if it is essentially meaningless.

Which constructed situation would need this offer to be used? I’m just a friend of logic and such statements trigger me, just want to understand their existence. Maybe I should ask them to remove the sentence. :grimacing:

Thanks for your reply!


If you want to ask them to remove that sentence, that is certainly up to you.


Some of us sellers own businesses, and most tax authorities require businesses to submit invoices in order to report their revenue. It comes handy to have Fiverr’s tax information and the permission to issue invoices in those cases.



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(Laughs in tax-free online transactions)