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How many of your changing your Basic gig price to $25 or $50

After new fiverr update in few categories you can change the price of basic gig to $25 , $50 or $100 for example a video animation gig cannot be delivered in $5 price for quality work the minimum price will be $25 so how many have you changed their gig price share your experience are you getting the same number of orders or there is any decrease ?

Let me know your feedback about this

Sincerely, I’ve thought about this since the new update where my bargaining power has been stripped off me.
I’m considering taking my basic logo gig to 20, but I’m watching sales first
PS: I’m yet to make one since the update!

I spent alot time getting my gig offer where I want it. I will be really slow to change it. It does open opportunities for new gigs that might utilize the new price structure.

When people can search for $5.00 only, it may eliminate you out of there search?

My $5.00 base gigs average price is around $30.00. Less than 20% of my orders are for $5.00.

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I know that when I had reach level two and was changing my price only few buyers who knew the quality of the work, agreed to the change, but most buyers will not purchase unless it’s for $5. so thank God for extra’s, what I would do is still offer the base if you think it will be best if not then price accordingly. Best wishes.

“Charging what you believe is proper value for what you do or produce isn’t arrogant … You’re never going to please everyone with your prices – and that’s fine” - The Ringling Bros.

Hope that helps :smiley:

I think it depends on how complex your gig is and what your clients like the most about you.

The few buyers I got so far only want me for the fact that I’m giving them high quality work, free modifications (even though I told them there was a limit…), and days spent on obsessively perfecting them.

The rest of the offers I get are from people who who want to use my work for commercial purposes, but don’t want to pay the licensing fee even if I change it to $5, and get extra free art on top of it.

When I get the opportunity to change base gig prices (I’m hopeful I’ll make it there) I’ll change my complex illustration gig to a higher price to make up for the amount of lost time, material costs, modifications, and sleep deprivation (L.O.L).

I’ll keep my other straight forward gigs at the basic price of $5 dollars.