How Many of your Orders are Canceled from start AS A SELLER?


Hi all Sellers !!!

Lets have an Interesting discussion here. I have just Canceled 3 Orders in a Week and am worried about that.

That`s why i am startig topic here that how much Order , AS BEING A SELLER , have canceled in your fiverr proofile.

And How Much effective it is on Our Fiverr career.



12 order canceled in one month.
Do not worry try to get 5 stars.


32 for 6 months.


5 cancellations in 15 months, cancellation rate is 1%


05 cancellations in 7 weeks :slight_smile:


I didn’t even know I had the option to cancel a gig until yesterday! lol I’ve had 3 canceled on me since I started as a seller in September, 2 for time restraints and 1 for asking for something I wasn’t offering. Really wish I knew I could do this sooner! lmao


I just checked my dashboard now, Among my 2800+ orders, there are 106 cancelled orders.


33 cancelled orders in 11 months.
The cancellation rate is at 0% though. :smiley:


AMAZING :slight_smile:
It Is good to know that Cancellation Percentage Moves very Slowly


And have you feel some bad effect on your sales ? or sales are Going Normal ?


I’ve also been having a lot of cancellations lately. Most often because someone orders the gig without giving a sufficient description of what it is they want me to do. So of course I ask them, but then they never answer, and I send them a cancellation request. I think the negative effect a cancellation might have on my business is nothing compared to a buyer who is unsatisfied with the delivery,. My experience says that if I ever delivered a product based on an insufficient description, the buyer would hate it, and not understand their own responsibility for their product not being what they wanted.
Just like I’m expected to be able to read minds. From across the ocean…


great Lines… Nice to get your response.


I’ve overall on my life on Fiverr I have 360 cancellations. This is a 1% cancellation rate on my gig. I would recommend anything lower than 5% is fine. Try not to worry about this, just continue to provide excellent services and excellent customer service.