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How many offers we can send for buyer requests?


Some body please tell me. How many offers can we send to buyer requests when we become level 1 and level 2. New sellers can send only 10 offers per day.


Level 1 and 2 can also send up to 10 daily offers.
I may add:
The number of offers sent has nothing to do on how good you are at getting a potential seller’s attention.
You can have 50 offers to send daily, and fail on all 50 if you don’t know how to approach a potential seller.


There are only 10 offers available for both level 1 and 2
When you send them, do an extraordinary job


As far as I know, nobody can send more than 10 offers per day.


You can send 10 requests per day!


If you can please advise me how to approach a potential seller best


Try to find in the search and pick the best seller profile.


10 offers per day :slight_smile:


My best advice:

Read the Forums

If I would have a Gig about teaching how to approach potential buyers for newbies I would already be rich… :expressionless:


As others have said, it’s 10 for everyone. My prediction is (and don’t ask me why) that soon we will be able to buy offers so that number will probably vary with your budget


10 offers per day …


level 1 and 2 can send 10 offers a day.


from where i can the buyers i sent the request already