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How many order I need more to get 4.7 rating

I have 12, 5-star reviews and
2, 1-star review, How I go to 4.7 ratings? Now my rating is 4.5. How many 5-star rating I need more?

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((5x12)+(1x2)+(5xk))/(14+k) = 4.7 , k~= 13
You need 13 ratings

  • 11,12 would be enough too, considering fiverr’s algorithm
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knight_design ! I really appreciate your reply, Please let me know if i wait for 60 Days my rating come back to 5 star or not?

Of course not. Ratings do not reset after 60 days. They are on your Gigs and profile all the time, they will stay for ever. All you have to do is keep getting good reviews.